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100% Pure Fake

A totally unique recipe book, Lyn Thomas’ 100% Pure Fake is “dedicated to her daughter Emma who constantly reminded me of the fun times she had as a kid feeling grossed out with weird stuff.” Reviewing the book’s table of contents reveals recipes for such grossness as Shrunken Heads and Veggie Vomit. When shared with Grade 3 students, its appeal was instantaneous: “I could use that with my kid brother, oh man!” “This would be great for Halloween or next week’s drama production!” “Could we video this stuff and do a cool cooking show?” Lyn Thomas had no idea the many ways this little book might be used – or did she?

The cartoon characters directing the “What to do process” are engaging and the actual photographic representation of children modelling the fake items is laughter inducing. Each recipe is complete with a list of the stuff needed: kid-tested, safe and with ingredients to be found in everyone’s kitchen. I must admit to considering the technique for the “severed finger” as a book-talk introduction to The Thumb in the Box by Ken Roberts. Now what sort of librarian would do that? I’ll let you know! Some books have no intrinsic value other than to make children happy. This is one of them.

Source: The Canadian Children's Bookcentre. Winter 2010. Vol.33 No.1.

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