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101 Creepy Canadian Jokes

illustrated by Bill Dickson
by Stella Partheniou Grasso

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jokes & riddles
list price: $5.99
published: 2011

These 101 jokes are creepy, eh?

We Canadians are known for our humour — and here's a joke book to prove it!

What is the wimpiest landmark in Canada?The CN Cower.

What's the scariest astronomical phenomenon?The Northern Frights

How do ghosts tell the difference between a dime and a quarter?One has the Boo-nose schooner, the other has a cariboo

Who's the king of the skeletons' Carnival?Bonehomme

You'll laugh and you'll groan — but either way you will rejoice in these punchlines with a distinctly Canadian flavour!

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About the Authors

Bill Dickson

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Stella Partheniou Grasso

Stella Partheniou Grasso is the author of This is the Rink Where Jack Plays, Take Me Out to the Ice Rink, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Puck, Over at the Rink: A Hockey Counting Book, Cinq joyeux castors and 101 Creepy Canadian Jokes. Stella and her family live in Ajax, Ontario.
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