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- Free to Fly

a journey toward wellness

by Judit Rajhathy
edited by Michelle Paon
consultant editor Peter Ackerman; Helen Lofgren & R. Frederick Daugherty
prepared for publication by francis Mitchell
cover design or artwork by Gizelle Erdei
photographs by Florian Kuchurean

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list price: $27.95
published: 2003
  • Winner, Canadian Best-seller
  • Winner, Nova Scotia Best-seller
  • Winner, Canadian Best-seller
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Free to Fly, a journey toward wellness (2nd Edition) by Judit M. E. Rajhathy, RNCP, D.Ac., 330 pp., pb, resource lists, testimonials,

Canadian Best-seller. Written in story-form, it is Canada’s all-time best selling and most loved book on health and wellness. With over 1.3 million dollars worth sold, this book is the most accessible book in its field to explain complex health problems in layman’s terms, covering all manner of allergies, IBS, PMS, depression, Candida, CFS, asthma, migraines, nausea, eczema, as well as ear and throat infections, colitis, hyperactivity and ADHD in children. Praised by medical doctors and natural health practitioners alike for its accuracy, completeness and readability, it is the first book you should read to help prevent disease, improve your health and change your life. Significant information on nutrition and the environment, including your workplace, home, lawns and gardens.

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Contributor notes

For over 10 years Judit Rajhathy was a registered nutritional consultant (RNCP), acupuncturist and NAET practitioner in private practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, specializing in food and environmental sensitivities. She regularly appeared on television and radio, and lectured extensively on environmental health throughout school systems, corporate and service organizations, as well as to the public at large. Her work with schools, PTAs and teacher associations have earned her respect and praise wherever she has traveled. Ms. Rajhathy is also a health writer and has produced and hosted two highly successful television series on holistic health. Always willing to publicly stand up for her beliefs, Judit initiated Citizens for Choice in Health Care and Dartmouth Citizens Against Incineration, both highly successful undertakings which improved the lives of many Nova Scotians. She was the president of New Directions in Health, a company dedicated to bringing up-to-date information on holistic health as well as complementary health services and health testing to the public.

Although Judit has written and lectured extensively in the area of environmental and nutritional health, the release of her first full-length book, Free to Fly: a journey toward wellness, has added thousands to the list of those been helped by her work. Dr. William Crook, author of the million plus best-seller The Yeast Connection, calls it a “A superb book!” It became a Canadian Best-Seller just three months after its national release. It should be noted that teachers and practitioners are among the most prolific readers of Free to Fly, not only for its insights on the children they teach or diagnose and treat, but for their own families as well.

Our changing environment has put increased stress on the human immune system. What we eat, drink and breathe has a profound influence on our level of well-being. Ms. Rajhathy includes in her presentations topics such as the quality of school air and the need for scent-free schools; the impact that highly sugared and packaged snacks and canteen food have on the attention, behaviour and learning of children; as well as her concerns related to the overuse of the ADD- ADHD label in our society. In her lectures and workshops she identifies the problems, makes the connections and offers solutions for schools - from children’s diets, to the classroom environment, to what’s in the custodian’s closet! Making these changes will help teachers regain a greater degree of control in their classrooms as well as in their lives.

Judit is a dynamic and entertaining speaker, intricately weaving factual information, appropriate research and anecdote into the fabric of her presentations. She keeps audiences riveted to their seats, often eliciting bursts of laughter as she intersperses humour with the realities of classroom teaching and the even harsher realities of life in the nineties. Combining truth with that humour, she provides her audiences with the relevant connections between symptoms and the root causes of chronic conditions wrought by our post-modern society. No one leaves her lectures without being helped in some way - without learning something that will help them in their classroom and improve their own quality of life. It is Judit’s goal to help each and every person begin his or her own journey toward wellness.

Today she is working on educational health videos, supporting an orphanage in Mexico, traveling to spend time with her son, as well as her daughter and only grandchild. She always has new ideas and prospects on the go/in the fire!.

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Editorial Review

The list of quotes, cover quotes, reviews and articles on this title by reviewers and health professionals is very extensive.

One may also check readers' comments on the publisher's website or on Amazon or Indigo sites or simply google the title for other examples.

Following are a small number of such examples. 1.Dr. William Crook, author of the million plus best-seller The Yeast Connection, calls it a “A superb book!”

2.It became a Canadian Best-Seller just three months after its national release... and is currently the all-time #1 Best Seller in its field of alternative health in Canada

3.This could be the most important book you ever bought. .. by Jeanne M. Haely This book has given me information that has changed my life. Flying Free suggests that one should not only follow the advice of their Doctor, but also become aware that a knowledge of nutrition can make one well together with medicine. I recommend it to anyone who would like to learn how to take responsibility for thir own health and become partners with their Dr.rather than remain a passive patient. I had been on four rounds of antibiotics last year but was becoming more and more ill --- then I read this book. It may have saved my life.

4. A great eyeopening guide!, July 4, 2009 By L. Roberts "Just shoppin" ... FIVE STARS! This is a wonderful book to help you make connections to health issues you may be having in your own life. I wish it had been more of an autobiography type book rather than written the way it was, but I just tried to ignore that part. This book constantly makes you realize just how sensitive and human we all are - and how devastating man can be to our environment. I may not have all the health issues as the character in the book, but at times it is eerily similar. A great book to recommend to those who have chronic health problems - I know I will. 5. ---5.0 out of 5 stars healing starts now..by Miljan Perry - This review is from: Free to Fly: A Journey Toward Wellness, Second Edition

I throughly enjoyed reading this book. It is written in narrative form so it's easy to follow. In the story line the main character goes through a sort of a metamorphosis in allowing nature to take it's course of healing. There are so many things in our internal and external environment that can trigger illness. As Judit Rajhathy shows in "Free To Fly" if we listen to our bodies and get to the cause instead of masking the symptoms we can discover various dis-ease even sensitivities. If you are a true seeker of naturopathy then you will enjoy this book from beginning to end. At the end of the book you will find other interesting reading material to add to your journey of healing!


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