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Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There

by Melody DeFields McMillan

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published: 2008
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Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
9 to 12
4 to 7
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9 to 12
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  • Short-listed, Silver Birch nominee
  • Commended, Resource Links "The Year's Best"
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Addison Addley hates math. He hates public speaking too. Actually, he hates anything that involves work, but he only has a couple of weeks to write and memorize his grade five speech. The problem is, he can't think of a single topic. When he finally comes up with an excellent idea for a speech, it almost writes itself, but it's his poor math skills that make speech day unforgettable.

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My name may be smart, but I'm sure not. Not at school stuff, anyway. I could be, my teacher tells me, if I would 'apply' myself. Apply myself to what? It sounds like I need a giant tube of glue.

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Editorial Reviews

"McMillan has aptly drawn on her teaching background to create a believable, imaginative boy who loves fishing and video games but is struggling with school...Her word choice and descriptive language blend to create a pleasurable read-aloud story for the classroom."

— CM Magazine

"An excellent read for young children...Young boys will be able to relate to Addison."

— Resource Links

"Addison is a likable character who manages to be both sweet and maddening at the same time...The author does a good job of twisting things at the end of the story."

— SouthWest Ohio and Neighboring Libraries (SWON)

"McMillan's story touches on real aspects of grade five, from speech writing to dealing with math fractions, from bullies to stage fright...Readers will enjoy [Addison's] antics and I'm sure that many a student will be able to relate to Addison's take on life."

— Canadian Teacher Magazine
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About the Author

Melody DeFields McMillan

Melody DeFields McMillan is a teacher who lives in Simcoe, Ontario, not far from where she grew up. When she's not writing, she's enjoying all that nature has to offer. Her first book about the irrepressible Addison, Addison Addley and the Things That Aren't There, was nominated for a Silver Birch Award.
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