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Along the Path

The Meditator's Companion to Pilgrimage in the Buddha's India and Nepal

by Kory Goldberg & Michelle Décary

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category: Travel
published: 2013

Full of practical and inspiring information for meditators who plan to visit the sacred sites where the Buddha lived and taught in India and Nepal, this unique guidebook provides a rich anthology of stories relating to each of the sites, as well as helpful maps, creative artwork, and spiritual narratives from experienced travelers. Each site entry includes insider information and tips with detailed descriptions of transportation, accommodation, and local cuisine; suggested excursions and activities in the vicinity; and highlights of established Vipassana mediation centers best suited to accommodate visiting meditators. This second edition has been updated and revised to feature newly discovered pilgrimage sites and a few more stories from the Pali canon.

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Contributor notes

Kory Goldberg is a humanities professor who has been practicing Vipassana meditation since the late 1990s. Michelle Décary is a freelance writer, yoga teacher, and organic gardener. They both live in Sutton, Quebec.

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Editorial Review

“Kory Goldberg and Michelle Decary have written an up-to-date tour guide to Buddhist sites throughout the subcontinent. They describe in detail a plethora of locations where the world of the Buddha and of his early followers can be contacted and correlated both with ancient Pali texts and also with contemporary meaning for modern meditators. The historical sites are more than that—they are repositories of India's spiritual wealth.”  —Dr. Paul R. Fleischman, author, An Ancient Path, Cultivating Inner Peace, and Karma & Chaos

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