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And No Birds Sang

by Farley Mowat

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personal memoirs, world war ii, canada
list price: $14.95
published: 2012
publisher: Douglas & McIntyre
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Association of Book Publishers of BC
Librarian review

And No Birds Sang

Mowat’s classic war memoir plunges the reader into his candid, tragic and heart-wrenching experiences as a teenage soldier, Lieutenant, Battalion Intelligence Officer and eventually Captain, during WWII. Spurred on by his father’s unconcealed excitement about the imminent world war, Mowat tried enlisting in the Air Force, but was told “the Air Force don’t need no peach faced kids.” Instead he joined the infantry, eventually leading his troop in the Sicilian/Italian campaign. A gifted writer, Mowat eloquently infuses humour and simple joys amongst the horrors of war. From Operation Husky in Southern Sicily, to the end of the Italian campaign on the bloody banks of the Moro River, Mowat, aka ‘Squib’, engrosses readers in his gripping firsthand accounts of war, friendship, the agony of defeat and bittersweet victories.

Caution: Some foul language and graphic war descriptions are included.

Source: The Association of Book Publishers of BC. BC Books for BC Schools. 2012-2013.

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"A seemingly effortless evocation of the fire that shaped a Canadian generation...bound to rank as one of Mowat's major accomplishments." -- Mordecai Richler

Feisty icon; passionate Canadian; unrelenting foe of all pretension; energetic provocateur-at-large and most importantly, superb and dedicated writer, there cannot be a Canadian alive who is unaware of the legacy that is Farley Mowat. And No Bird Sang and A Whale for the Killing are the first books in a new Douglas & McIntyre library of handsomely redesigned paperback editions of Farley Mowat's work.

Turned away from the Royal Canadian Air Force for his apparent youth and frailty, Farley Mowat joined the infantry in 1940. The young second lieutenant soon earned the trust of the soldiers under his command, and was known to bend army rules to secure a stout drink, or find warm -- if non-regulation -- clothing. But when Mowat and his regiment engaged with elite German forces in the mountains of Sicily, the optimism of their early days as soldiers was replaced by despair. With a naturalist's eyes and ears, Mowat takes in the full dark depths of war -- and his moving account of military service, and the friends he left behind, is also a plea for peace. It is one of the most searing and unforgettable World War II memoirs from any Canadian.

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