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Arctic Cairn Notes

Canoeists' Reflections on the Hanbury-Thelon & Kazan Rivers

edited by David F. Pelly

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polar regions, canoeing, post-confederation (1867-)
list price: $16.95
published: 1997
publisher: Dundurn

The canoeing heritage of two great barrenlands rivers is best recounted in the words of the many paddlers who paused, on the banks of the river, to write a few lines recording their trip and their thoughts. This book offers history and emotion; here is the feeling of the barrenlands canoeing experience. It will also serve as a useful reference for anyone planning, or dreaming of, their own northern trip.

What do Sarah, Duchess of York, former prime ministers Pierre Trudeau and John Turner, canoeing pioneer Eric Morse, the legendary John Hornby, veteran barrenlands travellers George Luste and Alex Hall, CTV newsman Craig Oliver, singer Gordon Lightfoot, writer David Pelly and Japanese solo-tripper Akitoshi Nishimura all have in common? They are all in this book, because they all left notes in a cairn beside one of these Arctic rivers, the Kazan or the Hanbury-Thelon.

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About the Author

David F. Pelly

David F. Pelly is a modern-day explorer of the North's cultural landscape, who has lived in and travelled to the Arctic since the late 1970s. He is the author of several books and articles on the land and its people, including The Old Way North, Sacred Hunt, and Uvajuq: The Origin of Death. Much of his writing is based on oral history shared with him by Inuit elders. He lives in Ottawa.

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