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Arctic Giants

by Neil Christopher
illustrated by Eva Widermann

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monsters, polar regions
list price: $24.95
also available: Paperback
published: 2011
publisher: Inhabit Media
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Canadian Children's  Book Centre
Librarian review

Arctic Giants

In ancient times, giants ruled the Arctic. For hundreds of years, Inuit stories of these creatures have been carried down from generation to generation. This book is the only full-length volume to chronicle the legends of these giants of the North. Based on Inuit oral tradition and extensive research, this book recounts each frightening legend. Illustrated in Gothic style, this book is bound to bring chills to its readers.

Source: The Canadian Children’s Book Centre. Best Books for Kids & Teens. Fall, 2012.

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Experience the exciting world of arctic giants through traditional tales from around Nunavut. Based on elder interviews from more than one hundred years ago, these stories reveal the fearsome giants that once stalked the arctic. From enormous beings strong enough to pick up a walrus with one hand, to massive creatures that towered over mountains and could carry humans on the lace of one boot, these stories will introduce readers to a vast array of arctic giants.

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About the Authors

Neil Christopher

Neil Christopher is an educator, author, and filmmaker. He first moved to the North many years ago to help start a high school program in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. It was those students who first introduced Neil to the mythical inhabitants from Inuit traditional stories. The time spent in Resolute Bay changed the course of Neil’s life. Since that first experience in the Arctic, Nunavut has been the only place he has been able to call home. Neil has worked with many community members to record and preserve traditional Inuit stories. Together with his colleague, Louise Flaherty, and his brother, Danny Christopher, Neil started a small publishing company in Nunavut called Inhabit Media Inc., and has since been working to promote Northern stories and authors.
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Eva Widermann

Eva Widermann is a graduate of the graphic and design program at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany. She worked as a graphic designer for many years before she decided to pursue her long-term dream of becoming a freelance illustrator and concept artist. Her art is deeply influenced by an unusual combination of Franco-Belgian comics, manga, and anime.
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