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As The Canoe Tips

Comic Scenes from Canadian Life

by Bill Casselman

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list price: $12.95
category: Humor
published: 2005
publisher: McArthur & Company

Bill Casselman, Canada's best and funniest word man, returns with his own comedy. Here's Bill with his own comedy. Here's Bill with standup that's sit-down, because he sat to type these zany titles that tell the silly tale: "Flying to the Smeeb Harvest: A Travel Piece," "The Pedantry Shelf or Who Let the Lesser Omentum Out of Its Cage?"Blurbs galore adorn the back cover of books. The ones that Bill Casselman likes best speak from the heart. Artist Elizabeth Creith of Thessalon, Ontario, wrote, "Bill, I found myself standing in a bookstore aisle with tears of laughter running down my face." TV hostess with the mostest Vicki Gabereau pronounced the shortest blurb ever, "Casselman, are you funny!"Ever left our the p in ptarmigan? You were right! Among his own original discoveries and derivations in a lively section called "Words in My Life," Bill ferrets out an early mistake that plopped a spurious p on the front of our Canadian bird name. Here too Bill buckles your ribs with "The Canadian Word I Most Hate" balanced by a hilarious report on the biggest, best laugh of my life."As Bill himself writes, "You'll meet characters out on a day pass from my subconscious, released for silly behaviour and on their own lack of cognizance."Here's Bill himself let loose to make you laugh, fulfilling one of his life ambitions. "Shucks, dudes and dudettes, all I want to give you is the clown's rule of conduct: a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants."

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About the Author

Bill Casselman

BILL CASSELMAN is the author of the best-sellers Canadian Sayings, Casselman’s Canadian Words, What’s In a Canadian Name? and the award-winning Canadian Food Words. He has been a writer, broadcaster, and performer for thirty-four years, including three years as a producer for CBC’s This Country in the Morning on radio. Casselman has written for The Toronto Star and The Montreal Gazette and for magazines such as Toronto Life, The Panic Button, and Canadian Geographic.
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