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Autobiography of a Tattoo

by Stan Persky

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gay studies
list price: $20.00
category: Social Science
published: 1997
publisher: New Star Books

Autobiography of a Tattoo is an investigative literary work about the education and pursuit of homosexual desire. Its mixture of serial stories and modernist meditations invites readers on a journey that rangers from post?Wall Berlin to Plato's Athens. Stan Persky, the author of Buddy's and Then We Take Breaks, here breaks through the current impasse of contemporary gay/queer writing.

Innovative in both form and content, Autobiography of a Tattoo probes the tensions between the memory and anticipation of desire, sexual representation and moral relationships, the illuminating glimpse of the immediate and the long view of civilization. Can writing be both hot and thoughtful, intimate and analytic? Find out why Stan Persky is the most important writer about homosexuality in North America today.

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About the Author

Stan Persky

Stan Persky teaches philosophy at Capilano College. He is the author of more than a dozen titles including Autobiography of a Tattoo, Then We Take Berlin, and Buddy's: A Meditation on Desire. He lives in Berlin and Vancouver.
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