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Bay of Fundy

A Natural Portrait

by Scott Leslie

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category: Photography
published: 2007
publisher: Key Porter Books

A luxurious photographic journey into the heart of a vibrant ecosystem replete with birds, mammals, and teeming underwater life.At roughly 12,000 square kilometers in area, the Bay of Fundy is just a small fraction of the 82 million square kilometers that comprise the Atlantic Ocean. Yet, its diversity and biological productivity make it one of the most prodigious cold water Atlantic ecosystems in the world. Naturalist, diver, and photographer Scott Leslies stunning photographic homage to this unique ecosystem features extraordinary shots above (seabirds), below (underwater wildlife), and on (the coastal landscape) the waters of this dynamic holiday and tourist destination.Oceans fascinate: A whole other world beneath the bay are revealed through photographs of the tiniest invertebrates, to fish, to seals, and even the endangered right whale, revealing to readers a world that will not unlikely see themselves. The book also shows the abundance of seabird life that abounds in the bay, from puffins to gannets plying the waters, to the literally millions of shorebirds that use the tidal flats every summer as they fuel up for a long migration southward.Its coastline is immensely beautiful; its geological history fascinating. In many places it is still wild and untouched. Millions of years ago, reptiles and dinosaurs roamed here, leaving fossils that tell yesterdays story of life even as the grand pageant of evolution continues in todays Bay of Fundy. Leslies photographic portrait of the bay is a visual feast for nature lovers, and those who make their way here for their annual vacations.

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About the Author

Scott Leslie

SCOTT LESLIE is an award-winning photographer and author of five books including Bay of Fundy: A Natural Portrait, Woodland Birds of North America and Wetland Birds of North America. His writing has appeared in Reader’s Digest, Harrowsmith, Scuba Diving, EarthKeeper and Canadian Wildlife. He has won an Atlantic Journalism Award twice, was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2005 and is a category winner of the Nature’s Best International Wildlife Photography Competition.

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