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Bioethics in Canada

A Philosophical Introduction

by Carol Collier & Rachel Haliburton

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category: Medical
published: 2011

Bioethics in Canada provides a comprehensive introduction to the philosophical, historical, and medical concepts that shape contemporary debates in biomedical ethics.
Central to its focus is an exploration of the ways in which both modern medicine and bioethical debates are shaped by philosophical assumptions and commitments. It provides an extensive introduction to moral theory and the principles of bioethics, and each chapter includes a philosophical reflection that provides in-depth analysis of relevant philosophical topics. Each chapter begins with a description of a landmark case, and contains original case studies for student analysis. In addition, a method for analyzing case studies is presented. The book also includes short excerpts of significant bioethical writings by historical and contemporary thinkers, as well as recommendations for further reading.
Balancing Canadian content with an international perspective, and connecting theoretical considerations to practical ethical conflicts, this groundbreaking book is well suited to a variety of teaching styles in philosophy, medicine, health sciences, and related disciplines.
Topics include ethical theories and ethical tools, distributive justice, health care professional-patient relationships, medical research, reproductive technologies, genetics and cloning, abortion and maternal-fetal conflicts, brain death and organ transplantation, death and dying, and medical paradigms and non-standard treatment. Features:

  • highlights foundational cases in bioethics
  • provides a balance of Canadian and international content and perspectives
  • includes reading and website suggestions to assist students in further exploration and continued learning
  • suitable for a variety of courses, including philosophy, medicine, and health sciences
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Contributor notes

Carol Collier is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sudbury.Rachel Haliburton is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sudbury.

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Editorial Review

"Bioethics in Canada raises the bar for introductory textbooks in bioethics everywhere. The authors provide the most coherent and complete philosophical analysis of the most important topics in bioethics for Canadians. This is the best textbook for philosophical bioethics of which I am aware."— “Carolyn Ells, Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University

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About the Authors

Carol Collier

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Rachel Haliburton

Rachel Haliburton is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Sudbury–Laurentian University.
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