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Bitter Roots Tender Shoots

The Uncertain Fate Of Afghanistans Women

by Sally Armstrong

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women in politics, peace, afghan war (2001-)
list price: $21.00
also available: Hardcover
published: 2009

Everyone knows that Canada’s military is in Afghanistan, but what they don’t know is how much the average Canadian is contributing to aid efforts in that country. In Bitter Roots, Tender Shoots, respected journalist Sally Armstrong revisits Afghanistan to compare women’s lives pre- and post-Taliban, interviewing Afghan and Western women who are dedicated to improving health, education, culture, religion, and human rights. Armstrong connects these stories with the analysis of experts and considers the grassroots efforts of Canadians and the dedicated tax dollars being spent by the Canadian government. Bitter Roots, Tender Shoots is a moving portrayal of the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan in 2008.

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