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Black Ice

David Blackwood: Prints of Newfoundland

edited by Dr. Katharine Lochnan
by (artist) David Blackwood
by Michael Crummey; Sean T. Cadigan; Martin Feely; Derek H.C. Wilton & Caoimhe ní Shúilleabháin

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list price: $45.00
category: Art
published: 2014

David Blackwood was born in 1941 in the outport community of Wesleyville, to a family with a long seafaring history. Recognized as an artistic prodigy, he was awarded a Government of Newfoundland Centennial scholarship to study at the Ontario College of Art, in Toronto. By the age of twenty-three, one of his etchings had been purchased by the National Gallery of Canada.

Blackwood has been telling stories about Newfoundland in the form of epic visual narratives for 30 years. To bring this narrative to life, the book situates Blackwood's prints in time and space by looking at the history of Newfoundland and the people who settled there. Blackwood explores the timeless theme of the struggle for survival between humans and nature in one of the most exposed and hostile environments on Earth. He depicts a town and a centuries-old way of life that has disappeared. His dramas encapsulate class, gender, and intergenerational issues that can only be understood in the context of the formation of the landscape, its natural resources, immigration and settlement, religious and political debate, economic and social conditions, and the environmental threat to the survival of traditional lifestyles.

Blackwood has created an iconography of Newfoundland which is as universal as it is personal, as mythic as it is rooted in reality, and as timeless as it is linked to specific events. This book draws on childhood memories, dreams, superstitions, legends, the oral tradition, and the political realities of the Wesleyville community on Bonavista Bay where Blackwood was born and raised.

Black Ice — a comprehensive and sumptuously illustrated retrospective — features over 70 prints spanning 40 years of the artist's work and features essays by Blackwood, Michael Crummey, Sean Cadigan, and the Art Gallery of Ontario's Dr. Katharine Lochnan. It also features essays by scholars based in Canada and Ireland, including an essay on the environment by Dr. Martin Feely, Head of Earth Sciences at the National University of Ireland in Galway (in collaboration with Dr. Derek Wilton, Department of Earth Sciences, Memorial University) and an article on mumming by Caoimhe Ni Shuilleabhain.

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Editorial Review

"This eloquent piece sheds valuable light on those veiled, ghostly figures that haunt so many of Blackwood’s most mysterious works."

— <i>British Journal of Canadian Studies</i>
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About the Authors

Dr. Katharine Lochnan

Author profile page >

David Blackwood

David Blackwood is one of Canada's most respected visual storytellers. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally with over 90 solo shows and scores of group exhibitions. He has been the subject of two major retrospective exhibitions and the National Film Board's Academy-Award nominated documentary film Blackwood. His work may be found in virtually every major public gallery and corporate art collection in Canada, as well as in major private and public collections around the world.
Author profile page >

Michael Crummey

Author profile page >

Sean T. Cadigan

Sean T. Cadigan is Head of the Department of History at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Author profile page >

Martin Feely

Author profile page >

Derek H.C. Wilton

Derek H.C. Wilton is a professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Author profile page >

Caoimhe ní Shúilleabháin

Caoimhe ní Shúilleabháin is a translator in the Irish Unit of the Directorate General of Translation at the European Commission.
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