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Book Guy

A Librarian in the Peace

by Howard Overend

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list price: $18.95
published: 2001
publisher: TouchWood Editions

Book Guy is unique. It's a librarian's story of getting books into the hands of rural school children and people in isolated places in the Peace River country and up the Alaska Highway. The story also tells how the mobile service began 50 years ago and traces-not without humour-the remarkable efforts of successive true-grit librarians to overcome the obstacles of poor working conditions, severe cold and the hazards of dust and ice and muddy roads.

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About the Author

Howard Overend

Howard Overend looks back with affectionate nostalgia on his "book-guy" career in the Peace River country and farther north. Although he has served his profession in the Fraser Valley, in southwestern Ontario and the East Kootenay and in the Yukon, he has clearly never.

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