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Boomer Humor

Jokes About Baby Boomers Growing Old Ungracefully

by Glen Warner

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jokes & riddles, adult
list price: $14.95
category: Humor
published: 2011

This hilarious collection of jokes is written especially for all those Baby Boomers fast approaching their senior years. These jokes will keep you laughing for hours, that is, if you can remember where you put your reading glasses! * Sam, Joe and Ben, three boomers, go out for a walk. Sam says, ''Windy, isn’t it?'' Joe says, ''No, it's Thursday.'' Ben says, ''So am I, let’s go for a drink.'' * New pick up line: Do I come here often? * Betty and her husband Bob have been married for 30 years. On their 55th birthdays, a fairy appears before them and grants them each one wish. Betty says, ''I'd like to spend a month in Hawaii.'' POOF! Two tickets to Maui appear in her hands. Bob says, ''I'd like to have a woman 30 years younger than me.'' POOF! He is suddenly 85.

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