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by Wendy Pirk

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butterflies, moths & caterpillars, insects, spiders, etc.
list price: $6.99
published: 2018
imprint: KidsWorld Books

There are about 24,000 species of butterflies and 140,000 species of moths in the world. They exist on every continent except Antarctica. A butterfly starts out as an egg, grows into a caterpillar, then it builds a cocoon of silk threads and after a time emerges as a beautiful butterfly. They sip the nectar from plants and help to pollinate while they sip. In the fall, Monarch butterflies fly south from the Great Lakes region to the Gulf of Mexico, which is 2000 miles (3200 kilometres) and return in the spring to lay their eggs.

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Contributor notes

Wendy Pirk has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. As a child, she dreamed of being a veterinarian but decided instead to pursue a degree in Ecological Anthropology. She is a serious environmentalist and has worked for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee. She is currently a writer and editor and has several books about animals to her credit. Wendy has a two dog and two cat family…oh, and kids as well. She solemnly swears that she has never, nor will she ever dress a dog in a frilly pink tutu. But she lives in a winter city, so maybe doggie coats and booties?? And one of the dogs is handicapped, so he has a wheelchair. But that’s it. Really. She would also like to own a sheep to mow her lawn so she doesn’t have to…well, she’d actually like to have a whole herd of sheep to rent out to her friends and neighbors! And maybe a donkey, too, because they’re so cute!

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