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Canada Close Up: Canadian Money

by Elizabeth MacLeod

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published: 2011
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Canadian Children's  Book Centre
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Canadian Money (Canada Close Up)

Explore the history of money and how bills and notes came to be. Learn about some fascinating Canadian coins and discover why coins are worth collecting. Ever wonder why people use debit cards, credit cards and cheques? Find out what’s in store for Canada’s money in the future and what makes Canadian money so unique.

Source: The Canadian Children’s Book Centre. Best Books for Kids & Teens. Fall, 2012.

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  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre
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Everything kids need to know about money.

Money. We use it every day. But why do we need it? How do we make it? And where did it come from?

In Canadian Money, simple concepts about the use of currency are explored — from early days of bartering to today's Royal Canadian Mint coins and Bank of Canada notes. Included in this informative book are chapters on:

  • how and when the world began using money
  • the money used by First Nations people
  • how money is printed and minted
  • how bills are circulated, how long they last and how they are disposed of
  • concepts surrounding spending money: credit cards, debit cards, etc.

Canada Close Up titles are informative works of non-fiction geared toward seven- to nine-year-olds. Each book contains an introduction, table of contents, glossary, and full-colour photographs and illustrations throughout.


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About the Author

Elizabeth MacLeod

Biographies, picture books, cookbooks—Elizabeth MacLeod has written them all and more. She has won many awards for her writing, including the Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children's Non-Fiction, as well as Children's Choice awards across Canada. This is the fifth book Elizabeth and Frieda have written together—their most recent is How to Become an Accidental Genius. Elizabeth lives in Toronto.

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