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Canada and the Two World Wars

by J L Granatstein & Desmond Morton

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post-confederation (1867-)
list price: $42.00
category: History
published: 2003
publisher: Key Porter Books

Marching to Armageddon: Canadians and the Great War, 1914–1919 and A Nation Forged in Fire: Canadians and the Second World War, 1939–1945 remain classic examinations of Canada's wartime experience. In Canada and the Two World Wars, these two important books are brought together in one volume, featuring a new introduction by the authors, two of the most distinguished historians in Canada. The First World War helped to create a Canadian nation. The war was a catalyst for almost every imaginable change?from skirt lengths and sexual mores to the role of government within Canada and Canada's role within the British Empire. Much more than a military history, Marching to Armageddon evocatively recreates the effects of the war years on ordinary Canadians. All facets of war are brought home through vivid images and incisive text. A Nation Forged in Fire provides an in-depth look at the changes the Second World War brought to Canada. While Canadian soldiers fought and died in foreign lands, women moved into the workforce, industry boomed and the country became a major supplier of food and armaments. For their part, politicians used the country's new clout to demand a voice in international decisions. Old traditions and loyalties were swept aside, and the country would never be the same. (September 2003)

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J L Granatstein

J L Granatstein is a Fitzhenry and Whiteside author.
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