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Caribou Skin Clothing of the Igloolik Inuit

by Sylvie Pharand

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category: History
published: 2013
publisher: Inhabit Media

Caribou Skin Clothing of the Iglulik Inuit outlines the various steps involved in the creation of traditional Inuit caribou skin clothing, namely the hunt, preparation, and sewing.
In addition to diagrams and practical instructions, this book is filled with historical information and insights from Elders of the Iglulik region.
Meticulously researched by former Arctic resident and anthropologist Sylvie Pharand, this book can be used as a practical guide to creating caribou skin clothing, as well as a general-interest text for those interested in traditional skin clothing.

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About the Author

Sylvie Pharand

Sylvie Pharand is an anthropologist who visited Iglulik, Nunavut, for the first time in 1971 to study the traditional clothing of the Iglulingmiut. After having carried out research in social and community development in Quebec, she returned to the Arctic to continue her interest in the protection and promotion of Inuit culture and knowledge.
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