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Citizenship in Diverse Societies

edited by Will Kymlicka & Wayne Norman

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history & theory
list price: $91.50
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published: 2000

Is it possible, in a modern, pluralistic society, to promote common bonds of citizenship while at the same time accommodating and showing respect for ethnocultural diversity? 'Citizenship' and 'diversity' have been two of the major topics of debate in both democratic politics and political theory over the past decade. Much has been written about the importance of citizenship, civic identities, and civic virtues for the functioning of liberal democracies, and also about the need to accommodate the ethnocultural, linguistic, and religious pluralism that is a fact of life in most modern states. By and large, however, these two topics have been largely discussed in mutual isolation. Much of the writing on the issues of both citizenship and diversity remains rather abstract and general and disconnected from the concrete issues of public policy and institutional design.

Citizenship in Diverse Societies examines the specific points of conflict and convergence between concerns for citizenship and diversity in democratic societies and reassesses and refines existing theories of 'diverse citizenship' by examining these theories in the light of actual practices and policies of pluralistic democracies.

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Contributor notes

Will Kymlicka is at Queen's University Canada. Wayne Norman is at University of British Columbia.

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Editorial Reviews

'I would recommend this book as a stimulating and worthy addition to an expanding literature, and would especially recommend it to those who already accept the case for group rights.' Philip Parvin, Political Studies, Vol.49, No.1

'this collection represents an invaluable contribution to this literature' Philip Parvin, Political Studies, Vol.49, No.1

'This collection is of uniformly high quality.' E.R.Gill, Choice, March 2001 Vol. 38, No. 07.

'The editors' introduction provides an excellent survey of the current state of play within Anglophone political philosophy' Ross Poole, Radical Philosophy 107 (May/June 2001)

'this is a high-quality collection' Ross Poole, Radical Philosophy 107 (May/June2001)

'This book contains fourteen essays written by some of the best and most thought-provoking writers on this subject, as well as an extended introduction that places these essays in the context of the wider debate.' Philip Parvin, Political Studies, Vol.49, No.1

'this is a good book with which to agree and disagree.' Jean Laponce, Canadian Rev. of Studies in Nationalism, XXVII, 2000.

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