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Classical Economics

by Samuel Hollander

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published: 1992

In this unconvential and sharply written text Hollander introduces the work of Smith, Ricardo, and Mill, and, on specific topics, Malthus and Marx. He leads the student through the nuances of the arguments, making clear how he agrees with or challenges recieved ideas about their writings. Attention is given to the precursors of the classics, to their immediate successors, and to the Sraffian system.

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Editorial Reviews

'Essential reading for anyone interested in the history of economics.'

— Economica

'An extraordinary depth of scholarship and analytic acumen ... insightful and pursuasive. I recommend it highly for all who teach the history of economic thought.'

— History of Political Economy

'This book is to be welcomed as providing the best account of Hollander's interpretation of classical economics. It will enable teachers, whether or nt they agree with Hollander's interpretations, to expose their students to his ideas.'

— The Economic Journal

'A magisterial summing up of 1750-1875 doctrines.'

— History of Economics Society Bulletin

'Professor Hollander has for many years generated and revitalized debates about the work of the classical economists by his theses on their concerns and on the continuity of nineteenth-century economics. In [this] book he restates his theses in a clear and stimulating matter and achieves a remarkable sweep of perspective and detail on the work of Smith, Ricardo, and Mill.'

— Journal of Economic Literature
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About the Author

Samuel Hollander

SAMUEL HOLLANDER was appointed Professor in 1970 and University Professor in 1984 in the Department of Economics at the University of Toronto. Amother his other books are The Economics of John Stuart Mill(1985), The Economics of David Ricardo(1979), and The Economics of Adam Smith (1973), all published by University of Toronto Press. He is a Professor Emeritus at Ben-Gurion University.
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