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by Eleanor Koldofsky
illustrated by David Parkins

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city & town life, horses
list price: $22.99
published: 2005
publisher: Tundra

Young Consuela’s day is marked by the horses she loves. There’s the clip-clop-clink of the horse that pulls the milk wagon, the quick-trot clippety-clop of the beautiful brown tea wagon horse, and the lolop…lolop…lolop of the produce man’s tired gray horse. She knows them all and shows the hard-working creatures as much kindness as she can. Finally the time comes when her kindness is rewarded – with a ride on a very special horse.

At the turn of the 20th century, horses were willing workers, good company, and common sights on city streets. They pulled delivery wagons, carted away junk, and brought a smile to many faces with their familiar presence. Horses would eventually give way to cars, but nothing will ever replace the sounds and beauty of the gentle clip-clop horses.

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Contributor notes

Eleanor Koldofsky pioneered the classical and jazz recording industry in Canada. Her efforts have won her several Grand Prix du Disques and Juno Awards for recording excellence, a Gemini, and several other film industry awards for documentary filmmaking. Examples of her work reside in almost every school board and university in Canada. As a philanthropist and patron of the arts, Eleanor has helped fund and support Canadians in music, fine arts, and theater. Entering her eightieth year, she continues to write, co-sponsor Ontario theater, and guide local artists onto the world stage.

David Parkins is the award-winning illustrator of over fifty children’s books. He began his career at Dyfed College of Art in Wales, studying wildlife illustration. He then went to Lincoln College of Art for three years, and has been a freelance illustrator since his graduation in 1979. He spent several years at the beginning of his career producing illustrations for educational publishers, and has earned most of his keep drawing for the British cartoon, The Beano. David Parkins lives in England with his wife and nine-year-old daughter.

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