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Contemporary Sociological Thought

Themes and Theories

edited by Sean P. Hier

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category: Social Science
published: 2005

This innovative new reader on contemporary sociological theory has a Canadian emphasis. This volume unites 21 influential European and American social theorists with 13 Canadian thinkers and writers to offer a strong Canadian interpretation of international theoretical currents spanning almost 80 years.
Ideally designed for undergraduate courses as an introduction to modern sociological theory, the first section masterfully introduces the major theoretical offerings of the 20th century: structural functionalism, symbolic interaction, and feminist analysis. It also profiles themes of class conflict and the state; and modernism, culture, and change.
The second section is devoted to critical themes for the 21st century. This includes postmodernity and its critics; society, subjects, and the self; globalization and global consciousness; and postcolonialism, diaspora, citizenship, and identity.
Unique features of the book are its provocative presentation of 21st-century themes, and the inclusion of many of today's most influential social thinkers, such as Edward Said, Stuart Hall, Jurgen Habermas, Ulrich Beck, Jean Baudrillard, and Pierre Bourdieu.
The Canadian content includes readings from key Canadian scholars and social critics, such as Dorothy Smith, Naomi Klein, Mariana Valverde, Leo Panitch, John Porter, Charles Taylor, David Lyon, and Will Kymlicka.
This book will be an essential text for modern sociological theory courses offered in sociology departments across Canada.

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Contributor notes

Sean P. Hier is Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Victoria. His areas of expertise include media, race and racism, moral regulation and moral panic, surveillance, and social issues.

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Editorial Review

"This selection of readings reflects the current state of modern social theory, and provides an excellent overview of a field in which few good anthologies exist."— “Tracey Adams, University of Western Ontario

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About the Author

Sean P. Hier

Sean P. Hier is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Victoria. He is the author of Contemporary Sociological Thought: Themes and Theories (Canadian Scholars Press).

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