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Creatures Great and Small

by Karen Patkau

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size & shape, zoology
list price: $22.99
also available: Paperback
published: 2006
publisher: Tundra
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Canadian Children's  Book Centre
Librarian review

Creatures Great and Small

From the biggest to the smallest, award-winning illustrator Karen Patkau takes us on a journey around the animal kingdom. It’s a simple concept, exquisitely executed in both text and illustration. Each double-page spread contrasts a large and small animal within the same class. The African elephant and the bumblebee bat, the anaconda and the dwarf gecko, the ostrich and the bee hummingbird – each pair of animals illustrates the extremes of the group. Each animal narrates its own description; the red ant says, “I am little, but very strong. You can find me on land, almost anywhere on Earth. I live with a large ant colony, in an anthill or a rotting tree. Hard at work, I scurry about.”

The text is interesting, informative and simple to read and understand without being contrived or precious. There are comparative charts showing all the big animals and all the small ones and how they stack up together. I love these kinds of charts – so much information is conveyed in such a neat and efficient way. The author has also included a glossary of scientific terms and a world map indicating where each animal is found.

Patkau has traditionally worked with paper collage. The illustrations here look like collage but are actually computer generated. She feels she can play with computerized images in a similar way as with collage, by adding layer upon layer. The effect is bold and striking with lots of bright colours and sharp contrasts. The strong contrasts in colour and shape nicely complement the overall theme of the book.

This is a great book for classroom use in the primary grades or just pleasure reading for young children.

Recommended for school and public libraries.

Source: The Canadian Children's Bookcentre. Summer 2007. Vol.30 No.3.

Canadian Children's  Book Centre
Librarian review

H Creatures: Great and Small

Join award-winning Patkau as she embarks on this informative, beautifully illustrated voyage of discovery. The simple, factfilled text is presented in the voices of the animals themselves.

Source: The Canadian Children’s Book Centre. Canadian Children’s Book News. 2007.

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Join Toronto author and illustrator Karen Patkau as she explores the world of insects, mammals, sea jellies, reptiles, amphibians, birds, crustaceans, arachnids, and mollusks. From extremely large creatures, such as the blue whale, Chinese giant salamander, and goliath tarantula, to extremely small ones, such as the bumblebee bat, dwarf gecko, and fairy shrimp, embark on this informative, beautifully illustrated voyage of discovery. Even the simple fact-filled text is enchantingly presented in the voices of the animals themselves.

A glossary, map endpapers, and handy charts — introducing the concepts of scale and proportion by comparing measurements of animals that are “Big” and “Really Big” to “Small” and “Really Small” — make this book a must-have for parents, schools, and libraries alike.

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Contributor notes

Karen Patkau is the award-winning author and illustrator of many books for children. The first book she illustrated was Don’t Eat Spiders by Robert Heidbreder, which won the Ezra Jack Keats Memorial Medal. Several of her other books have also won prizes including the Our Choice Award for Python Play and Dimensional Illustrators Award for her books In the Sea and Seal is Lost. She has written and illustrated two books for children, both about animals: Ringtail and In the Sea. Karen Patkau resides in Toronto.

Here are some of the awards Karen Patkau has won:
-Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice 2004 Award / Sir Cassie to the Rescue
-Applied Arts Magazine Annual Awards 2004 / Sir Cassie to the Rescue
-11th Annual Dimensional Illustrators Awards 1999, Bronze / Python Play
-Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice 1999 Award / Python Play
-3rd Annual Dimensional Illustrators Awards 1992, Bronze / In the Sea
-2nd Annual Dimensional Illustrators Awards 1991, Merit / Seal is Lost
-Canadian Children’s Book Centre Our Choice 1987 Award / Ringtail
-Ezra Jack Keats Memorial Medal — UNICEF / USSBY, 1986 / Don’t Eat Spiders
-International Graphic Design Awards 1986: Picture Book Illustration / Don’t Eat Spiders

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Editorial Review

“Award winning author and illustrator Karen Patkau has produced a beautiful oversize non-fiction book which introduces the concepts of size and shape as well as scale and proportion to young readers. This book would make an excellent read aloud for non-readers and early readers but the fact-filled text will also appeal to independent readers. Patkau’s well researched book does an excellent job of defining the concepts… A must purchase….”
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“Patkau has done an excellent job… Creatures Great and Small is a beautifully designed and illustrated information book guaranteed to intrigue five to eightyear- olds and should make a valuable addition to the biology section of the elementary school library”
CM Magazine

“Sharp lines, bold colors, and careful composition of the computer generated art successfully convey the rich variety of creatures and environments, accentuating similarities and differences. Labeled illustrations at the back of the book introduce concepts of scale in a clear and inviting way.”
School Library Journal

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