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Directed by Kaspar Snit

Fagan’s new adventure novel, Directed by Kaspar Snit, is the anxiously awaited sequel to the popular The Fortress of Kaspar Snit, which was highly acclaimed by Queenston School’s students (aged 8 to12), who pronounced it, “a funny, action-paced, and can’t-wait-to-turnthe- page success!” Yes, the children who sighed with pleasure over the restoration of the fountains of Rome and the capture of the evil genius Kaspar Snit all knew that Solly and Eleanor Blande would eventually fly into their classrooms and library with more adventures.

The Blande family’s ability to fly (with the exception of the father) is their secret gift. This extraordinary talent is coveted by Snit, their consistently clever adversary. Having escaped from an Italian prison, he disguised himself and became I. M. Partankiss, the successful director of the Blande family’s favourite televsion show, The Zoomers. This show about a family able to fly strikes a familiar chord with Eleanor and uncovering the anagram that protects his identity allows her to plan an investigation into his campaign to re-build Verulia. Just as she is making progress, her brother Solly is captured and she is forced to call upon her amazing caregiver, Mrs Leer, for help. The plot thickens when Kaspar announces he wants vengeance, but even more he wants to fly like Eleanor. Will she teach him? How can she when Mrs. Leer holds her mother’s secret silver amulet? Is there another way for Eleanor to succeed? The characters are clever, their dialogue both witty and entertaining, and the adventure first rate.

Source: The Canadian Children's Bookcentre. Spring 2007. Vol.30 No.2.

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