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by Christy Goerzen

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published: 2009
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9 to 12
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When Mike Longridge gets himself in trouble yet again, he is given a choice: juvenile detention or an outdoor program called Explore. He opts for Explore, but soon finds himself wondering how he is going to survive ten months with the hippies and keeners in the program. He's never felt so out of place and is certain he will never get the hang of the outdoor activities. Will Mike go back to his old trouble-making ways or will he finally find a place to belong?

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"All of these additions, like the carved benches, the trails, the firepits," Maggie said, "were made by other Explore classes."
"You'll leave a lasting impression too," said Rick.
Chris stretched and let out a massive yawn.
"Are we keeping you up, Chris?" Maggie said.
He leaned back, arms crossed. "When does this get fun? So far this whole crock is nothing to get excited about.
Twenty Granola faces spun around and stared at Chris. It's just not worth it to lip off in Explore. I had a feeling Chris didn't care.


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About the Author

Christy Goerzen

Christy Goerzen holds a Master of Arts in Children's Literature from the University of British Columbia. She has worked as a book reviewer, copywriter, marketing consultant, television writer, bookseller, university instructor and writing mentor. Born and raised on the West Coast, Christy lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her family and two funny cats.

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