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Fermenting Revolution

How to Drink Beer and Save the World

by Christopher Mark O’Brien
narrator Daniel Maté

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published: 2017

Fermenting Revolution delivers an empowering message about how individuals can change the world through the simple act of having a beer. It is also the first book to view all of the important trends in human history as fundamentally revolving around beer. Globalization pitches the corporate worldview that is essentially selfish, rewarding the few while demeaning the many and devastating nature, against the sustainability movement that calls for cooperation, the protection and celebration of nature and the nurturing of equitable communities. Beer exemplifies the struggle.

Tracing the path of brewing from a women-led, home-based craft to corporate industry, O’Brien describes how craft and home-brewering can forge stronger communities and profiles the most inspiring and radical breweries, brewers and beer drinkers that are making the world a better place to live.

The return to beer as a way of life is communal, convivial, democratic, healthful, and natural. The American beer renaissance champions ecologically sustainable production, and is helping to create thriving community places.

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