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Financing the Future

Canada's Capital Markets in the Eighties

by Donner, Arthur

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economic history
list price: $45.00
also available: Paperback
published: 1982
imprint: Lorimer

In this study first published in 1982, Arthur Donner examines capital market issues that have significant economic impact and are affected by public policy.
In addition to interest rates, inflation energy concern, the author also examines the financing of pension funds, the state of housing finance and the interaction between inflation and capital markets. Donner finds that at the root of all capital market problems are the same factors: high inflation, high and volatile interest rates, and saving and investment distortions caused by the interaction of inflation and the tax system.
Financing the Future is an immediate and detailed analysis of the state of Canadian capital markets in the early 1980s.

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About the Author

Donner, Arthur

ARTHUR DONNER, once an economist with the Bank of Nova Scotia is now a widely-known economic consultant specializing in financial markets.
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