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First Philosophy: God, Mind, and Freedom, second edition

Fundamental Problems and Readings in Philosophy

edited by Andrew Bailey
contributions by Robert M. Martin

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free will & determinism, philosophy, mind & body
list price: $47.95
category: Philosophy
published: 2011
publisher: Broadview Press

First Philosophy: God, Mind, and Freedom brings together classic and ground-breaking readings on metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of religion. Andrew Bailey's highly regarded introductory anthology has been revised and updated in this new edition. The comprehensive introductory material for each chapter and selection remains, and new sections on philosophical puzzles and paradoxes and philosophical terminology have been added. New to this edition are readings from Alvin Plantinga, Frank Jackson, David Chalmers, A.J. Ayer, Bernard Williams, and Thomas Nagel.

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Contributor notes

Andrew Bailey is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph. Robert M. Martin is Professor of Philosophy (retired), Dalhousie University.

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Editorial Reviews

"The introductions are fabulous; students find them very helpful. Overall, First Philosophy is an excellent anthology for first-year students; the text has made my job significantly easier."

— Jennifer M. Phillips

"I would recommend First Philosophy to anyone teaching an introductory philosophy course."

— Paul Churchland

"The main difference between other anthologies and First Philosophy is Bailey's supplementary material, which is excellent. The biographical materials are very interesting.... The explicative material is likewise excellent: clear, highly relevant, useful, easily understood.... The wonderful supplementary material makes this a very good text indeed, which should, I think, gain a large share of the market."

— Jeff Foss

"This is an extremely well-done philosophy text.... [It] should become a standard in introductory philosophy classes."

— Patricia Blanchette

"First Philosophy has a good selection of articles for my purposes, and the accompanying introductory background material is absolutely brilliant."

— Jillian Scott McIntosh
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