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Fishing Places, Fishing People

Traditions and Issues in Canadian Small-Scale Fisheries

edited by Dianne Newell & Rosemary Ommer

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fisheries & aquaculture, marine biology
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published: 1999

Interdisciplinarity is the hallmark of "Fishing Places, Fishing People." It proposes a radically different way of thinking about our current fishery problems and lays the groundwork for an alternative management approach to the fisheries. Comprised of entirely new material, the collection brings together the work of many highly-regarded scholars - historians, biologists, sociologists, anthropologists, consultants, geographers, and ecologists - to discuss this topical issue. Using case studies drawn from across Canada, they demonstrate that there are many shared issues in the various small-scale fisheries of this country, and locate Canadian small-scale fisheries in their historical context as well as in that of global ecological and policy concerns.

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About the Authors

Dianne Newell

Dianne Newell is a professor of history at the University of British Columbia and author of Tangled Webs of History: Indians and the Law in Canada's Pacific Cost Fisheries.

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Rosemary Ommer

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