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Four Billion Years and Counting

Canada's Geological Heritage

edited by Robert Fensome; Graham Williams; Aïcha Achab; John Clague; David Corrigan; Jim Monger & Godfrey Nowlan

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geology, environmental science, natural disasters
list price: $39.95
category: Science
published: 2014
publisher: Nimbus Publishing

Canada's diverse landscape speaks to its fascinating geological history, from towering peaks to Prairie plains, from fertile farmlands of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands to rugged cliffs of the Atlantic shore. However, the modern landscape is just the latest episode in an epic story spanning more than 4 billion years.

Four Billion Years and Counting unveils the geological history of Canada and makes connections between geology and social issues such as climate change, hazards such as landslides and earthquakes, and other environmental factors. The text features contributions from some 100 specialists, and is richly illustrated with over 500 colour photographs and diagrams. Four Billion Years and Counting is a fascinating exploration of Canada's geology for those who are intrigued by the landscape and the vital connection between ourselves and what lies beneath our feet.

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