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George, the friendly dragon

designed by francis Mitchell; Gizelle Erdei
edited by Michelle Paon
by Matthew O'Neill
other primary creator Esther Theriault
guest editor Judit Rajhathy & Margot Schelew
consultant editor Jordan Schelew

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prejudice & racism
list price: $12.95
published: 1997
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A heart-warming story about being different and all that entails, especially for someone growing up wanting to be understood and seeking acceptance from others. This story is about believing in oneself and developing tolerance for others, and addresses the important concept of self-esteem for children. George, the Friendly Dragon is a heartwarming tale about being different and teaches children about self-esteem and developing tolerance for others. Children from a wide-range of ages (4-10) will warm to E.T. Matthews' delightful story and Gizelle Erdei's colorful Disney-like illustrations. The content, message and production quality are reasons why this durable book is so loved by teachers and parents.

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"Now when George swooped down low over the valley, he could see the villagers waving up at him. They were all his friends, even the grown-ups. No one would be afraid of him - ever again. George finally got what he wanted all of his life - to be loved regardless of his colour or his looks ... to be loved for who he was." ( matched with beautiful illustration)

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Contributor notes

E.T.Matthews is the Auld Alliance revisited - an Acadienne and a transplanted Scot working together to conquer the English language.

The “E. T. “ is Esther Thériault. Born in Meteghan, Nova Scotia, she is by day, a provincial employee transcribing the words used by MLAs in the Provincial Legislative Assembly. At night she can be found translating words common only to a native of Glasgow into everyday language, while adding her perspective as a mother and well-read individual. In addition to her creative input, she lends moral support to the other half of this accomplished team.

The Matthews portion is Matthew O’Neill. Now retired from a distinguished career in the marine industry, he followed in the footsteps of many of his forefathers when he emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1967. His insatiable desire to travel took him from Europe to the west coast of the Americas and from the frozen Arctic to the sweltering jungles of Panama. The people he met on these journeys and his vivid imagination were fertile grounds for the development of the colorful characters one now finds in his works of fiction. The stories he heard, now embellished, are transformed into print in the same jovial style he once told them to others. His writing is also an expression of his inner feelings that affords him some freedom from the pain of an everyday life as a severe arthritic. In recent years the progression of his illness, while limiting his mobility, has had one ‘silver lining’ - it has given him the time to bring these stories to life. Writing fiction, whether novels or make-believe tales for children, brings him as much joy as it does to others who read his work.

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Editorial Review


"George, the friendly dragon is fun. . . . I think George will be a hit and I hope the authors have other George stories up their sleeves!" E. E. Cran, The Guardian

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