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Selected Aphorisms

by George Murray

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category: Poetry
published: 2010
publisher: ECW Press

Glimpse is a book of 409 aphorisms, a form that straddles the line between poetry and philosophy, yet is likely more accessible to the general public than either. Each tiny, crafted piece is not simply a distilled poem or a pre- poem or a poem explained, but rather a crystallized poetic essence — an attempt at getting closer to, and preserving, the poetic moment or epiphany by capturing the first thoughts generated during the impulse to speak rather than the thought long held and worked and shaped.

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Contributor notes

George Murray is an award-winning poet whose collected works include The Hunter and The Rush to Here. He has been widely anthologized and has published poems and fiction in international journals and magazines. He is a former poetry editor for the Literary Review of Canada, is a contributing editor for several journals and the Globe and Mail, and is the editor of the popular literary website Bookninja.com. He lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

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Editorial Reviews

"Traditional sonnets these are not,...[the] poems ...are striking, inspired, and sturdy.”  ?Globe and Mail

"An engaging little package of 409 aphorisms....Murray may have come up with the ideal poetic form for the age of Twitter. It’s easy to breeze through its bite-sized witticisms in a sitting. And yet, what’s perhaps a bit surprising is that the book continues to yield enjoyment, and a sense of discovery, on rereading."  ?Toronto Star

"[W]hile it only takes an hour-or-so to devour this book, the benefits...are certain to remain with readers long after the text is completed.”  “Scene Magazine

"Where are we” Where Wilde and Socrates and Thoreau and Groucho Marx, toddlers all, sit together on the floor and mix toes and fingers. High-rise axioms. Murray is as philosophically as he is humorously exact: what more can one ask of a “glimpse’?  ?Paul Durcan, poet, Daddy, Daddy

"Every aphorism calls out to us, like the last line from some beautiful, but imaginary, poem."  “Christian Bök, poet, Eunoia

"Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms, George Murray: shld appeal to T-folks: short! sharp! salty & sweet!"   “Margaret Atwood, Twitter.com

"Murray is one of the few poets publishing aphorisms in English today, and Glimpse proves he is also one of the best....we get a glimpse into the soul of a man—eloquent, wry, contradictory, profound."  “Quill & Quire

“He has the poet's instincts, the knack for turning a good phrase, and the verbal grit and suppleness to keep the reader engaged....an important talent."  “National Post

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