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Gold in Ice

Defining Moment In Olympic History. The Sale And Pelletier Story

by B Smith; Beverley Smith & Beverly Smith

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list price: $16.95
published: 2002
publisher: Key Porter Books

Gold on Ice takes a behind the scenes look at Canada's golden couple. At the 2002 Olympic winter games in Salt Lake City, gold medallist pairs skating couple Jamie Sal? and David Pelletier inspired the imaginations and captured the hearts of millions of viewers from around the world and found themselves at the heart of International Olympic controversy. When Jamie Sale and David Pelletier finished second to Elena Berezhnaia and Anton Sikharulidze, after skating what was considered an incontestable perfect performance, there was an uproar of disapproval from Canada and several other nations. French judge Le Gougne later admitted that she had been pressured to place the Russians first. After an intense investigation, the International Olympic Committee, awarded a second gold medal to Sal? and Pelletier acknowledging the injustice that had been committed. Gold on Ice details the investigations and political games that were uncovered at the 2002 Olympics and tells the story of the two skaters who did all the right things, dreamed all the right dreams and in the end made all the difference for future skaters. Beverley Smith chronicles the early lives and events of this dynamic pair - the disappointments and the triumphs - and the events leading up to and following the skate that would define their careers.

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