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Grrrros lions!

by Robert Munsch
illustrated by Michael Martchenko

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list price: $8.99
published: 2009
Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
3 to 8
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Reading age:
3 to 8
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Un soir, le père d'Isaac et d'Elena lit à ses enfants un livre sur les lions. Le lendemain matin, les enfants se réveillent et déjeunent en rugissant! Grrrrrrrr! Plus tard, dans la cour d'école, ils continuent de rugir comme des lions. Ils s'amusent à effrayer un lièvre, un écureuil, puis une petite souris. L'enseignante interdit alors à Isaac, Elena et à tous les élèves, de faire peur aux animaux de cette façon. Mais si les enfants ne peuvent plus faire peur aux animaux en faisant grrrrrrr!, rien ne leur interdit de faire grrrrrr! aux humains!



After their father reads them a story about lions, Elena and Isaac decide to become lions too. Growling their way through breakfast, and gnawing on "bones", they soon trot off to school. But it's only when one of their teacher decides to take both of their classes outside to look for animals that Elena and Isaac can really become kings of the jungle!

With a grrroooowwwwlll here and a grrrauuuughhh there, Robert Munsch delivers another irreverent snapshot into the world of children and their imaginations. It will leave all readers howling with laughter!

Original title: Roar!


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Robert Munsch

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Michael Martchenko

Michael Martchenko is the award-winning illustrator of the Classic Munsch series and many other beloved children's books. He was born north of Paris, France, and moved to Canada when he was seven. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Patricia.

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