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Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia

by Michael Haynes

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atlantic provinces, hiking, hikes & walks
list price: $19.95
category: Travel
published: 2002

Michael Haynes is Mr. Hiking in Nova Scotia. The 7th edition of his Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia sold 15,000 copies, and his eight-year series of CBC Radio spots has been so popular that people he meets on the trails recognize him by his voice. Eager to supply the best information about the delights (and possible hazards) of self-propelled excursions into the woods and mountains and along the shores of his province, he has now prepared Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia, 8th edition.

The 8th edition of Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia is completely revised and updated. More than 30 of the 50 trails are new, and 25 of these new trails did not exist when the 7th edition was published. Haynes re-hiked and updated the descriptions of about 20 trails, and he charted the current condition of 7th-edition trails. Users will find the new 8th edition of Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia as trustworthy a guide as ever to hikes long and short, challenging and easy, in all corners of the province. As well as instructions for finding each trail and descriptions of the trails themselves, Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia, 8th edition, includes maps and synoptic information on length, time, difficulty, other uses, facilities, and the correct topographical map to use.

New to this edition are trailhead GPS listings for all hikes, and, for those who carry cellphones as safety devices, information about the often-uncertain reception in Nova Scotia's mountains and woodlands. Also new to this edition are sidebars on plants, animals, historic sites, and other interesting features of the trails.

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Editorial Reviews

"Adventure awaits . . . a well-organized book packed full of facts . . . ideal for a backpack . . . could make the difference between a pleasant and unpleasant experience."

— <i>New Glasgow Evening News</i>

"Michael Haynes opened up new territory for walkers with his Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia . . . and Hiking Trails of Cape Breton. He has a knack for finding places that have good paths and interesting vistas."

— <i>Atlantic Books Today</i>

"Tuck this guide in your backpack, your tent, your car, your outhouse, on your bookshelf, wherever, just make sure you have a copy handy!"

— <i>The Coast</i>
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About the Author

Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes is one of the leading authorities on trail development in Canada. A travel writer whose articles have appeared in Ottawa Magazine, Saltscapes, and Explore, Haynes is a regular commentator for CBC Radio. He is the author of numerous trail guides, including The Best of The Great Trail, Volume 1: Newfoundland to Southern Ontario on the Trans Canada Trail.
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