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History of Forgetting

A Novel

by Caroline Adderson

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list price: $24.95
category: Fiction
published: 2002
publisher: Key Porter Books

Malcolm Firth is an aging hairdresser whose partner, Denis, is wasting away from memory loss. Malcolm works at a zany Vancouver hair salon where he trains Alison, a young ingenue from the suburbs, amidst a staff of eccentric urbanoid hair stylists. Their clients include a troop of old people, one of whom is a Holocaust survivor. It is this old woman who provides innocent Alison with her first glimpse into the depredations of the human race. When one of Alison's gay friends is brutally murdered by skinheads, she is soon propelled on a harrowing journey of sorrow and the getting of wisdom. Haunted by the death of her friend, she wanders the rings of a psychological and spiritual inferno, bringing the slowly dissipating Malcolm with her. Her obsession takes them to post-communist Poland where they struggle to reconstitute the past in the killing grounds of Auschwitz. How do we remember our history? Why are the same cruelties repeated through time? These are the urgent questions that underpin this powerful first novel from one of Canada's most emotionally daring young writers. Rich in its emotional ground, beautifully pitched, and written in a refined and assured prose style, A History of Forgetting is a most compelling book. Caroline Adderson is a virtuoso conjurer of the human condition. (1999)

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About the Author

Caroline Adderson

CAROLINE ADDERSON is an internationally published, award-winning author of books for readers of all ages. Her children’s books have won the Diamond Willow Award, the Sheila Egoff Award, and the Chocolate Lily Book Award. Her books have been nominated for various awards, including the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, the Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Award, and the Rocky Mountain Book Award.
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