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How Rolly Robot Saved the Starbabies

by D. L. Evans
illustrated by Valerie Sinclair

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science fiction
list price: $16.95
also available: Hardcover Paperback
published: 2011

Rolly Robot works in a toy factory, in a space station at the far end of the galaxy.

He is different from all the other robots in the factory because he can think for himself. This special ability gets him into all sorts of trouble with the Big Boss. When he accidentally finds out about the secret Star Babies, it changes everything.

As an inadvertent stowaway on a delivery space ship full of Star Baby dolls, Rolly ends up millions of miles off course, tossed about by a solar storm that damages the ship beyond repair. The captain wants to abandon ship and cargo to save himself. Rolly must find a way to convince the captain to do the right thing and save the Star Babies before the ship is destroyed.

After several unsuccessful attempts, they locate a planet that looks promising just as the ship breaks up. These special Dolls arrive on Earth as Shooting Stars.

Rolly's next mission is to assist them in finding good homes with deserving children. But that's another story.

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About the Authors

D. L. Evans

Denice Evans is a best selling children's book author (The Toymaker), an award-winning camerawoman, and is currently completing her 2nd adult crime thriller. Valerie Sinclair is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and her work has appeared in Harpers, Forbes, The Atlantic and numerous other publications. This is her first children's book.
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Valerie Sinclair

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