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by Josh Tierney & Paul Maybury
cover design or artwork by Afu Chan

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list price: $29.95
published: 2018
publisher: Buno Books

Famed warrior Azarias has gathered a small army of varied adventurers on a quest to gather the dust of a distant island god in order to save the life of their king. Along the way, they encounter numerous beasts and monsters all in the process of gathering artifacts necessary to locate the island god before ultimately defeating it. Throughout the course of the adventure, the band disperses into small groups with individual objectives in order to cover more ground in shorter order. Theseindividual side-story adventures reveal more about each of the many unique and intriguing characters and their different interactions in different combinations.

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Contributor notes

Josh Tierney resides in Ontario, Canada with his daughter and son. He is the creator of the Eisner, Harvey, Shuster, and Diamond-Gem nominated “Spera” series of fantasy graphic novels and co-creator of the sci-fi mini-series Halo-Gen.

He has also written the fantasy-adventure Graphic Novel Warm Blood also from Buno Books.

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Editorial Review

"Maybury and Tierney have essentially provided a textbook on phenomenal worldbuilding and showcased their universe and the talents of their extensive creative team. Hunters gives us diversity on and off the page and showcases the nature of storied fables." -- Mikkel Snyder

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