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I Love My Hockey Mom


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sports, hockey
list price: $9.99
category: Humor
published: 2009
publisher: Key Porter Books

From the Flyers Novice AE Team. With a note from Don Cherry!

After spending most of their parents’ money on hockey fees and equipment, and after waking the house up at 6 am for countless early morning practices?isn’t it only right that these kids give an expression of thanks and love (and a whole lot of laughs) to their parents?
These books do just that. They were created as an opportunity for a Novice Rep Hockey Team, a little group of 8 year-old puck chasers, to express their feelings about their moms and dads, to tell them what they think for a change.
The reasons they give are honest, funny, and true?all that you would expect from a group of 8-year olds! Asked why he loves his hockey mom, one answers without hesitating: “because she always skips out on work for it.” Why does his dad deserve thanks?not for the endless offside drills??no, more for “distracting me while I am trying to play.” And their illustrations, done with crayons and markers, are simply charming.

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