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In Her Own Time Tpb

by Maggie Siggins

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women's studies
list price: $27.95
category: Social Science
published: 2001
publisher: HarperCollins

It all started with an R.H. King Collegiate class of ’61 reunion: 26 women meeting 30 years after their graduation. Siggins was struck by their wide range of fascinating life stories. These, after all, were the women who were born during the war, had come of age in the ’60s, and were changed by the women’s movement of the ’70s. They had all stood at the forefront of one of the greatest revolutions in history — the emancipation of half the human race.

Inspired by that reunion, Siggins set out to write the life stories of her classmates, using the emerging themes from these intense dramas as a gateway to explore women’s lives throughout history. The result is a compelling series of personal journeys linked by nothing less than an absorbing cultural history of women in the Western world, from antiquity to the present.

A book that speaks powerfully to people of all ages — and especially those of “the cusp generation” “ In Her Own Time is an inspiring, informative and wholly entertaining read.

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