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In the Company of Whales

by Alexandra Morton

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marine life, science & technology, water (oceans, lakes, etc.)
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published: 1993
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6 to 8
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6 to 8
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Through diary entries, notes and photographs, In the Company of Whales explores Alexandra Morton's efforts to better understand the habits and behaviors of the killer whale off Canada's west coast. As a fascinating introduction to the life of a scientist working in the field, the book will entertain and inspire readers young and old. After fourteen years of studying Orca in the wild, Morton continues to delight in the challenge presented by these magnificent mammals.

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This book is about the many things that the whales have taught me, and about some of the questions that I have not yet found the answers to. It is also about just living with the whales and trying to fit in.

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About the Author

Alexandra Morton

Alexandra Morton moved to the BC coast in 1979 to study the orcas that frequented the Johnstone Straits and Broughton Archipelago. In the 1990s, she began to study the collapse of an ecosystem from the impact of salmon farming. Morton has authored seven academic papers and published five books, including Heart of the Raincoast with Bill Proctor. She lives in Echo Bay, BC.

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