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Journeys into the Unknown

Mysterious Canadian Encounters with the Paranormal

by Richard Palmisano

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unexplained phenomena, reference
list price: $22.99
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published: 2006
publisher: Dundurn

This fascinating and bloodcurdling book takes the reader through a collection of amazing ghost stories and paranormal investigations across Ontario that have never before been reported. The circumstances behind fifteen unusual cases of hauntings and ghostly manifestations are explored together with the detailed sagas of full-scale investigations into six further spooky inexplicables occurring in or near Toronto.

The book concludes with a look into a complete investigation of a haunting, including a guide that explains the techniques used to conduct a paranormal investigation. The final section that explains the theories behind what a ghost is, how they manifest, and where they hide - challenging the classic theories of life-after-death research. So turn on all the lights, keep your back to the wall, and be prepared to take a journey into the reality of the unexplained.

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Contributor notes

Richard Palmisano has been investigating the paranormal for almost 25 years and has started a company The Searcher Group, dedicated to research for the advancement of paranormal sciences. His first book, Overshadows: An Investigation into a Terrifying Modern Canadian Haunting, was published by Dundurn Press in 2003.

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About the Author

Richard Palmisano

Richard Palmisano has investigated the paranormal for most of his life. He is by trade a security specialist and criminal investigator with 21 years in the field. He has written three previous books, including Ghosts and Journeys into the Unknown. He lives in Toronto.

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