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Logic on the Track of Social Change

by David Braybrooke; Bryson Brown & Peter K. Schotch

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category: Philosophy
published: 1995
imprint: Clarendon Press

The book sets out a new logic of rules, developed to demonstrate how such a logic can contribute to the clarification of historical questions about social rules. The authors illustrate applications of this new logic in their extensive treatments of a variety of accounts of social changes, analysing in these examples the content of particular social rules and the course of changes in them.

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Contributor notes

Peter K. Schotch has been Professor of Philosophy at Dalhousie University since 1982. He is the author or co-author of more than 25 publications in philosophical logic. Bryson Brown is the author of various articles on philosophical logic and the philosophy of science.

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Editorial Reviews

'The technical scholarship throughout the book is impeccable, and this work deserves careful study.' Mind, vol. 110, no. 440

'an ambitious, impressive and engaging study.' Mind, vol. 110, no. 440

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About the Authors

David Braybrooke

David Braybrooke was a professor emeritus in the Department of Philosophy at Dalhousie University and holds the Centennial Commission Chair in the Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

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Bryson Brown

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Peter K. Schotch

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