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Making Change

Tips from an Underage Overachiever

by Bilaal Rajan

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published: 2008
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9 to 12
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Fundraising wunderkind Bilaal Rajan shares his tips for effective fundraising, using examples from his own amazing life to show how it can be doneā€”and how you can have fun doing it. The second part of the book is a section entitled Eight Principles to Maximize Your Full Potential, which includes exercises to help you identify and attain your dreams.

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Editorial Reviews

"Remarkable and encouraging."

— Light of Consciousness magazine

"Fundraising Bilaal's way is a creative and organized endeavour that will enable groups to promote team building and school spirit, all while making a positive difference to the lives of others. This book would be a valuable resource in any school library. Recommended."

— The Bookmark (BCTLA)

"This young Canadian is supremely committed to causes of world hunger and environment and to achieving all that he can be."

— Resource Links

"[Bilaal] is humble, smart, hardworking, respectful and an example both to adults and children alike... although the book focuses on guiding youth in their fundraising efforts, adults could also learn much."

— CM Magazine

"Clearly, Rajan is an exceptional teen and has much to offer the world."

— School Library Journal

"Part personal odyssey and part motivational guide,...this book's strength is its realistic approach to charitable work."


"Fundraising can be fun!? Any doubts young people might have about starting small and thinking big are set aside in this book by UNICEF Canada Child representative...The book reads as a motivational testament, with enough how-to help students embarking on service projects of their own. It could be useful in upper elementary, middle and high school business and social service units."

— Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media

"With the ideas and advice [Bilaal] gives, almost any child could have similar achievements for a worthwhile cause - as long as it is one the child truly cares about."

— Hi-Rise
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About the Author

Bilaal Rajan

Bilaal Rajan started fundraising at the age of four, when he sold clementines to raise money for the victims of an earthquake in India. Since then he has raised funds for children in Southeast Asia, Haiti and Africa. In March 2005, Bilaal became the UNICEF Canada Child Representative. He continues his fundraising efforts while attending school and traveling the world spreading his message of hope. Bilaal lives in Toronto, Ontario, with his parents.
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