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Malicious Delicious

In a hallucinary Twilight

by Peper, Jessy; Hunt, Mark John; Braun, Eric; Scott FERRY & Eric Bolduc

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list price: $44.99
also available: Hardcover Book
published: 2011
publisher: Editions Fri
imprint: FrI2011-02

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About the Authors

Peper, Jessy

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Hunt, Mark John

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Braun, Eric

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Scott Ferry was born and raised in Los Angeles, growing up in the colorful chaos of the 80’s in the California subculture. He currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada. His writing stems from over 18 years of experimental Chaos Magick, Buddhist Tantra practice, and Runic sorcery and divination. Drawing on techniques of automatic writing and surreal cut-up he developed a powerful way to describe the primal elements and how to access them simply, effectively, and humorously through the medium of a multifarious feminine entity. Scott also works as a visual artist. His early drawings being in black and white pen using a stiple dot technique. His artwork is inspired by spirits, ghosts, possession, hypnotic and trance states, other worlds, childhood, magick, subtle disturbances, and nightmarish reflections.
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Eric Bolduc

Éric Bolduc vit et travaille à Montréal. Artiste et travailleur culturel, il est engagé dans la communauté des arts visuels depuis 1998. Éric est éditeur de Ratsdeville, webzine sur les arts visuels à Montréal et ses environs. Il aime déjeuner le lundi avec des artistes et collaborateurs en tout genre, au Brbare sur Saint-Denis. Il raffole de littérature de croissance personnelle, d’ouvrages ésotériques et spirituels. Éric est particulièrement actif sur le web où il partage continuellement du contenu qui l’inspire.
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