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Maybe Later

by Ingrid Lee
illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard

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published: 2008
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6 to 8
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Long, long ago, Johnny's grandpa found a bottle on the beach. When Johnny roots it out of the back of Grandpa's closet, he can see a mysterious shadow through the green glass. "We should break it," Johnny says. "Maybe later," says his grandpa. And so the story begins.

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One day, Johnny stuck his nose in his grandpa's closet and found a bottle. It was made of dark green glass. A sandy cork was plugged in the top. The sand was as hard as cement. Johnny took the bottle to the sunroom where his grandpa was snoozing. He jumped on the sofa. "What's in the bottle?" he demanded. "Well now, that's a puzzle," his grandpa said. "I never did figure that out." Johnny held the bottle up to the sun. A shadow lurked inside the green glass. There was something inside for sure.

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About the Authors

Ingrid Lee

An avid reader of Grimm's fairy tales as a child, Ingrid Lee enters the world of the imagination with ease. She herself has made sandy shapes on many beaches over the years. And always, she says, she has trouble leaving them to fend for themselves at the end of the day. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, where, in addition to writing, she teaches art and English.

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Gabrielle Grimard

Gabrielle Grimard has been drawing since she was young. Her passion for drawing and painting led her to pursue studies in fine arts and arts education at Concordia University. After she had her first child, she began her career as an illustrator. She moved from Montreal to Waterville, Quebec, where she now lives with her two children, several chickens and her husband, who builds wooden boats. They share an old barn as their artists' studio. For more information, visit gabriellegrimard.com.
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