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McGonigle Scores!

by Leslie McFarlane

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winter sports
list price: $11.95
published: 2006
publisher: Key Porter Books

Achieving a perfect balance of sport and humour, McGonigle Scores is a certain delight for hockey fans, McFarlane fans, and anyone who enjoys a fast-moving and highly entertaining tale.
When former hockey star Skates McGonigle goes scouting homebrew talent in Northern Ontario, he finds himself outwitted at every snowbank by his archrival, Black Snead. And his blundering admirers--Maybelle Peever, Unbeatable Bates, Emma Dinwoodie and The Human Sieve--don't offer much in the way of help. McGonigle's adventures are hilarious, and McFarlane describes each key game in vivid style, with a wind up, free-for-all battle of sticks and skates that will leave the reader gasping.

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About the Author

Leslie McFarlane

BRIAN McFARLANE is a media member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and known as one of Canada's foremost hockey historians and writers. For 25 years, he was a commentator on Hockey Night in Canada. He has written more than 50 books on hockey, including The Mitchell Brothers series-a young adult series for hockey mysteries.

To young detectives worldwide, LESLIE McFARLANE was known under the pseudonyms Carolyn Keene, Roy Rockwood and, most famously, Franklin W. Dixon-author of The Hardy Boys series. McFarlane, who passed away in 1977, was one of the most successful Canadian writers of all time. Working for the Stratemeyer Syndicate, he penned 21 volumes of The Hardy Boys, initiated The Dana Girls series and wrote seven Dave Fearless novels. Aside from his work as The Hardy Boys author, McFarlane penned four novels, 100 novelettes, 200 short stories, and 75 television scripts. He also produced, directed and wrote 50 films for the National Film Board. McFarlane was nominated for an Academy Award for scripting the documentary drama Herring Hunt in 1953. He worked in Hollywood as a writer for the television show Bonanza before returning to Canada where he worked on documentaries and comedies for CBC.
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