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Michael Palmer CD Collection 2

The Fifth Vial, The First Patient, The Second Opinion

by Michael Palmer
read by Various

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list price: $29.99
category: Fiction
published: 2013
publisher: Brilliance Audio

The Fifth Vial
From Boston, a disgraced medical student travels to South America to deliver a research paper that could save her career and becomes a victim of an unspeakable crime.... Thousands of miles away, a brilliant, reclusive scientist is on the verge of perfecting a serum that could save millions of lives, and bring others inestimable wealth.... In Chicago, a disillusioned private detective, on the way to his third career, is hired to determine the identity of a John Doe, killed on a Florida highway, with mysterious marks on his body. Three lives linked forever by a single vial of blood—the fifth vial.


The First Patient
It is not until he is ensconced in the White House medical office that Gabe Singleton realizes there is strong evidence that the President is going insane. Facing a crisis of conscience—as President Stoddard’s physician, he has the power to invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment to transfer presidential power to the Vice President—Gabe uncovers increasing evidence that his friend’s condition may not be due to natural causes. The President’s life is at stake. A small-town doctor suddenly finds himself in the most powerful position on earth, and the safety of the world is in jeopardy.


The Second Opinion
Michael Palmer has created a cat-and-mouse game where one woman must confront a conspiracy of doctors to uncover an evil practice that touches every single person who ever has a medical test. With unforgettable characters and twists and betrayals that come from the most unlikely places, The Second Opinion will keep you guessing...and looking over your shoulder.


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About the Authors

Michael Palmer

Is the Canadian-born author of Dark Side of the Sun, The Leaf Cutter and The Corduroy Road, well-received and much-loved books that have garnered regional and national media attention across Canada. And he loves a good adventure - he was temporarily stranded on an iceberg once, was accidently branded an illegal alien (along with his wife and kids) in Panama and his family lived in the jungles of Central America for a year. In his other life, he's an avid history and music buff with serious addictions to chocolate and The Beatles. Michael currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, with his wife and three children.

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